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Your Customer’s Designs. Custom Made.

It’s no secret that if you don’t have what customers want, they’ll go to the internet to find it. Metal Pressions offers luxury retailers and traditional jewelers an easy to use, custom design solution in-store that gives you all of the tools you need to offer customers a truly unique experience – the ability to intimately collaborate with artisan jewelers and design custom pieces with exceptional quality.

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The benefits of going custom with Metal Pressions


100% Customer Satisfaction

Where other solutions are “custom-modified”, we offer a true fully custom design experience that gives customers exactly what they want down to the last detail. We’ll move heaven and earth to make sure that they are happy from start to finish.


Deeper customer relationships

The elements customers incorporate are inherently personal. The connections you make with those customers during the process build customer loyalty that keeps them coming back.


Higher conversion rate. More sales.

Customers are highly visual and like to see their designs before they buy. Our Design Software allows customers to quickly bring their ideas to life. That gives them the confidence to make decisions and purchases with ease.



We offer credit for sales within an exclusive region for customers that come directly to us.

Meet our OJD.

Our Online Jewelry Design Software (OJD) is a highly intuitive tool that’s great for both designing pieces and showing you and your customer a preview of their custom design. Each business gets a dedicated interface making it easy for you to track and manage custom designs and orders.

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Owned & operated by a family of Artisan Jewelers.

What started as a small online family business, fueled by our passion for making jewelry, has turned into something we couldn’t have ever dreamed of – a chance to help traditional retailers embrace the digital revolution and offer their customers a custom luxury jewelry solution that truly lives at the heart of the handmade renaissance and a renewed appreciation of craftsmanship.

Ready to join the custom revolution?

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A few of the pieces our customers designed
See more custom designs on our instagram @metalpressions